My Sports Card

Launchpad for Talents in Sports

Connecting Athletes, Coaches and Opportunities

For Budding Athletes:
A Report Card for Sports

For students in schools and academies, a Sport Portfolio. The platform for all aspiring athletes to showcase your talent. Get noticed, get coaching tips and all relevant information to take your game to next level.

For Professional Athletes :
Launchpad for your career

Highlight your skills. Capture your video in action and show yourself to the world. Create an awesome profile, and make it into the Professional Leagues!

For Enthusiasts:
Get connected. Share the fun

For the athlete in all of us that longs for a team. Get connected and team up with like minded people around you. Create sporting events or join some, invite friends or make new ones.

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Several colleges in India promote sports and offer attractive sponsorship to nurture and train budding talents. A list of such colleges could be... Show more

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Colleges in India that offer Sports Scholarship

General Information on colleges in India that offer Sports Scholarships
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